Fish Farm Agriculture
Management and Consulting
King Solomon Group Manages and Advises farms all over the world including a professional escort, and placement of a professional manpower for each crop.
Fish Farm
King Solomon group has established a fish farms world's most advanced method, that allows an increase fish of saltwater or freshwater everywhere.


King Solomon Group builds greenhouses suitable for all climates, and very advanced methods for vegetables and flowers. Including the most advanced irrigation systems and fertilization system events.
King Solomon Group builds greenhouses for growing vegetables , the project includes a unique water tank and automatic irrigation system. the system is connected to the output of fertilizers to increase agricultural growth. All greenhouse, galvanized steel covered with a plastic cover 200 microns resilient for strong wind and rain. The project is built in Nurseries that can produce 10 million seedlings a year, of various types. Nine greenhouse can product 270 ton of vegetables.
King Solomon built a group of fish unique center to provide local residents access to a number of types of fish Which includes a large selection of fish consumption. The company also makes a tourist area where tourists can fish for food.