Fish Farm Agriculture
King Solomon's group builds a complete system of 10 greenhouses when one of the greenhouses is a special nursery that can produce 10 million seedlings. And production capacity of 270 tons of high quality vegetables. The project Including electrical system and irrigation system comes with a special water tank logged with fertilization. The project delivered only after we show the customer the greenhouse agricultural growing methods. We always accompany the client to assist, leading the customer to success.
We are building a nursery for plants of various types which include production of fruit trees. The nursery can produce flowers special for tropical areas. We teach the client to the various production capabilities for all types of plants. Moreover, we have the equipment and knowledge to nurseries will function most effectively.
Crops in open areas requires considerable experience since the tumor is exposed to many pests and diseases Which may result in lost agricultural production. You need to perform many steps to preparing the agricultural growth. We teach the surface preparation procedure and the manner in accordance with the type of tumor growth. Knowledge and experience acquired over the years will save the customer money and a faster return on investment.